We are back

After a well deserved Summer break, the LUCID team is back for the second half of the LUCID field tests. This time the tests are focused on mission demonstration, so the operator will have a goal and will need to use all the tools he/she has at hand to achieve that goal in the most […]

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Localizing rovers on the Moon

  Earlier this week we performed a set of experiments to test localization functions. Localization simply answers the question “Where am I?” to the rover. This is essential  to achieve as simple goals as going around a rock or localizing a water ice source. Every robot needs to know how much it moved and where […]

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Meet the FTR

FTR: Field Test Rover¹ /fiːld tɛst ˈrəʊvə/ robotic platform Four wheeled rover-like platform provided with multiple sensors representative sensors able to withstand full nights of tests in moon analogues with the purpose of demonstrate and validate the Lunar Prospector Rover mission. Good old LRM (Lunar Rover Model),  keeping me busy since 2013. This post is about the […]

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So, what is LUCID?

A fleet of 4 cars — two big vans, a motor house, and a car — carefully cut the curves of Teide National Park breaking the silence of very early morning. Sun was still resting behind the horizon but the sky in the East started to melt into orange colors and moon was setting on […]

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Getting ready for the Moon

Yesterday was very very long day — starting 6:30 am and finishing 3:30 am. BUT, we are happy because  the rover is now assembled, moving, and half calibrated. We celebrated this with proper dose of bacon in the morning. With the Mount El Teide in the background, you can see that working environment is not […]

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The rover is here! 

Great news. After lots of fallen hairs and added bacon kilos this unnerving battle against unnamed logistics conglomerates (I, cough, beria) was won. This morning the rover finally flew from Madrid to Tenerife! We unpacked things at the airport and loaded them into the vans. And hooray we climbed to El Teide. Rover and destroyer […]

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